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LFPC Weight Managment

LFPC WeIght management

Weight loss from a health perspective

Weight Management Tips



  • Eat three meals a day! Skipping meals makes you eat more later in the day.


  • Get your water! Drink eight 8 oz. glasses of water per day (4 water bottles) to ensure you are getting enough water.  Water helps you feel full and can assist in preventing constipation, which is common with dieting.
  • 3.  Cut the Sugar! Coffee and Tea should be sugar free.  While it's ok (and potentially helpful) to consume caffeinated beverages while dieting, we recommend not exceeding 300mg caffeine daily (about 3 cups).  Also, since caffeine acts as a diuretic (frequent urination) you may have to drink even more water to offset caffeinated beverages.

  • 4.  Weigh yourself! Weighing at least once a week helps hold you accountable and avoid subtly gaining weight.
5.  Track your calories! Diets that say no calorie counting needed don’t teach you to be a conscious eater.  Apps like “myFitnessPal” or “loseit” make this much easier anymore. If you do not have a smart phone, there are websites where you can track your food consumption.  Keep a “food diary” where you log your daily meals, snacks and drinks.  


6.   Limit portion size! Try to limit portion sizes by putting food on a smaller plate, taking smaller bites and taking longer to eat your meals.  Sit down to eat and don’t eat while watching TV or using the computer.  Try snacking using your non-dominant hand—studies show you actually eat less that way!

7.  Add some flavor! Don't be afraid to add some salt or sesonings to your foods.  The things that make foods flavorful are sugars, fats and sodium, so if you can’t have sugar or fat then you will likely need some sodium to make your foods tastier.  Your medical provider will alert you if you need to restrict sodium during the diet based on your medical history. 


8.  No alcohol! Low Calorie Diets and Very Low Calorie Diets don't have room for alcohol.  Once you have entered the maintenance phase, you'll be able to phase alcohol back into your diet in moderation.  Alcoholic beverages are high in calories and have no nutritive value.


9.  Get moving!  Every little bit of activity helps so even if your physical condition limits actual exercise just increasing your daily activity level will help.  Most studies have shown that successful weight loss maintenance depends on getting regular physical activity.  Even a simple pedometer is helpful when starting to track your daily activity. 


10. Losing weight?  Reward yourself with non-food items such as new clothes, a massage or a new CD.

regular weigh-ins helps prevent weight from coming back