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LFPC Weight Managment

LFPC WeIght management

Weight loss from a health perspective

Lawrence Family Practice Center Weight Management

using medicine and nutrition to help you meet weight loss goals

Established in 1977 as a physician owned and operated medical facility, Lawrence Family Practice Center has continued to grow to meet the needs of the patients we serve. Accordingly, we have started the Weight Management Program at LFPC to help our patients with the ever growing obesity epidemic.  We feel as family physicians we are best suited for helping our patients combat this disease as obesity affects a person's overall health in so many ways.

As medical providers, we treat weight loss from a health perspective. That is, we do a comprehensive evaluation to determine how your health may be affected by your weight and then address the problem on multiple levels—medically, nutritionally and behaviorally. We have more resources to help you lose weight than non-physician supervised centers such as medically prescribed low calorie diets and medications that aid in weight loss. We also use body composition analysis to determine your fat percentage and track this measurement to ensure you are losing fat and preserving muscle mass. Since most people who are overweight have health issues due to their extra pounds your medical insurance will often cover the costs of your visits.

Schedule your weight management consultation today and let us help you accomplish your weight loss goals and work toward a healthier future!