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LFPC Weight Managment

LFPC WeIght management

Weight loss from a health perspective

LFPC Weight Loss Services

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Diet choices seem more confusing than ever with so much seemingly conflicting reports about what really works on the news every day.  The reality is that there are effective weight loss programs and medications available but most are regulated by the FDA and are only available with a prescription and thus require a physician’s supervision.   In an effort to help our patients be as healthy as they can and lose weight safely we have begun offering these weight loss services at Lawrence Family Practice Center. 

Our Weight Management program consists of specialized diet plans for our patients and sometimes prescription medication if medically indicated.  In addition patients are given counseling on healthy eating behaviors and increasing physical activity

The first step to determining which weight loss plan is right for you is making an appointment for your initial consultation.  At this visit, the physician will take a detailed medical history, including current medications and medical problems.  This helps our doctors customize your weight loss plan for your specific needs and health concerns. We will get a Body Composition Analysis (BCA).  This is done with a special scale that measures your total fat, muscle and water percentage of your body which helps us determine what your basal metabolic rate is.  All of this information is then used to calculate your daily nutritional needs.  If not done recently the physician may want blood work for baseline lab testing before starting a diet plan to see how your weight is affecting your health and to ensure the diet is safe for you.  They may ask you to fill out more detailed forms regarding your past dieting attempts and current eating habits to get a better understanding of why other weight loss methods you may have tried haven’t worked.  The doctor will review your history, your BCA results and discuss your weight loss goals to design a personalized weight loss plan to meet your needs. 

Medical research has shown that the most effective diet plans for the majority of individuals are the high protein, low carbohydrate plans so these are the plans we emphasize.  These include Low Calorie Diet (LCD) plans which are generally between 800--1000 calories a day and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) plans which are also referred to Ketosis diets and are generally less than 700 calories a day.

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